Wednesday, June 15, 2011

indonesia - Bali - Berewa - 26 to 30 april 2011

Tuesday – 26 April 2011 – Lakey, Berewa – sun, cloudy – 0 to ½ metre waves

We were up early for the car to the airport but the flight was incorrect so we had another hour to wait. We finally arrived at the airport. Merpati wanted 200 000 for surfboard but settled for 80 000 when I produced my receipt from Merpati in bali for my board. The domestic airport tax was 11 000 each. The flight was late and we arrived at Bali at 2pm.
We had KFC, bought 2 tickets for Sumba and organized a driver for 200 000 to get to Berewa. We also stopped to change money which took quite awhile being travelers cheques. The traffic to Berewa was at a crawl and we reached the Legong Keraton Beach Hotel ($105 for double with extra bed) at 4pm. The room had some problems but they got on to fixing them straight way. This hotel is very clean and classy. The pool is worth taking photos of and hotel is located right on the beach where there is reasonable surf. What more could you want. Peter, wife a nd daughter all happy.

We had a swim in the pool and a sunset walk on the beach.

Wednesday – 27 April 2011 – Berewa – sun, cloudy – head height to plus head height waves
I had a great early surf on the reef. Not classic but exciting!

The waves increased in size throughout the morning and I had a surf in the early afternoon but it was doubling up and so it wasn’t very good. Got a few okay waves but the main thing was not to get crushed onto the sandy bottom.
We caught the free shuttle bus to Legian and Jacinta arranged adjustments for her leather jacket. We did a bit of shopping before getting a taxi back to Berewa (approx 50 000 to 60 000)

Tonight was a special BBQ dinner with a Balinese dance performance. Food was okay and the dancing was great. At the end they got the tourists up to teach them to dance. I was up and before I knew it I was finger pointing, swaying and eye extending like a professional dancer. I tried to show her a waltz in return but she freak out a little.

Thursday – 28 April 2011 – Berewa – sun, cloudy – head high plus waves

The waves were messy throughout most of the day. It cleaned up late I the afternoon and I had head high fun waves. The girls sat around the pool.
We caught a taxi to Legian in the evening. Jacinta picked up her leather jacket and bags and we went down the beach restaurants for dinner.

Friday – 29 April 2011 – Berewa – sun, cloudy

I had great early morning surf with head high waves.
I had another surf which was okay but a massive cleanup set eventually washed me right in to shore. I took that as a sign to get onto dry land.

We spent the day around the pool, room and beach.

We had dinner at the restaurant behind the hotel.

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