Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Indonesia - Bali - Padangbai - 19 to 21 May 2011

Thursday 19 may 2011 – Balian and Padangbai – sun, cloudy, rain

I surfed the river rights 1m to 1 1/2m. It was good at first and I was on my own. A few guys paddled out as the wind began to increase and within a short time it was feathery and weak.

I decided to go to Padangbai. I paid my bill which was about 850 000 for five days total. The room was 120 000 per night with breakfast. I shared a car with an Aussie girl to Kuta and continued onwards to Padangbai.

I stayed at Kerta’s as the rooms had improved greatly and it was a good deal for 120 000.

I had to change the sim on my mobile which turned out to be a drama (problem wasn’t sim but receprion). I booked Su’s II in Legian for Saturday and Nyoman to pick up at 10 am.

Friday 20 may 2011 – Padangbai – sun, cloudy, rain
I had an early walk around Padangbai and the local markets.

After breakfast, I walked to Blue Lagoon. The snorkeling was good with heaps of fish and some coral. There were a few stingers in the water. I lied on the deck chair till mid afternoon enjoying the sun and bouts of rain.

I met an Aussie guy who had his wallet stolen on the ferry from Lombok. The crew were helpful in finding the thief but were unsuccessful.  I loaned him 1 000 000 rupiah and left him my address to mail a cheque, probably sometime in July. The exact same story came from a friend of mine (Greg) 30 years ago. Time marches on but the same things happened.

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