Saturday, June 11, 2011

indonesia - Bali - Legian - 2 April to 4 April 2011

Saturday 2 April 2011 – Australia and Legian - rain

Kumala Hotel – 275 000 double room standard
We left Terrigal at 12 noon. A friend Barb drove us to the airport in Sydney.

We arrived at the airport and checked in with no dramas. While at the airport we bought duty free alcohol for indo.
The flight seemed to go on forever but eventually we made it. Once outside we were greeted by Nyoman our driver. Straight away Marty (friend from Australia) suddenly appeared. He was on his way back to Australia after two weeks surfing Bali and Sumbawa. Great to see him and he was looking buff as well.

We checked into Kumala Hotel in Legian and I had a swim and we all went to bed.

Sunday 3 April 2011 – Legian - rain, windy, small onshore surf

After a jet lagged sleep, the girls and I had an early morning wander around the streets, down the beach and through a few hotels. I have never seen the beach so covered in rubbish. It was strewn along the low and high tide mark and there were massive piles towards to road end of the beach. Locals said it came from Java but I think it was probably blown back in from Bali as a lot of it was ice cream wraps etc that is mainly tourist-caused rubbish plus the rivers flushing out.

After breakfast, we headed off to a couple of shops, money changing and a sim card for the mobile.
Jacinta and I went to the domestic airport where we picked up our tickets for Flores, while the girls continued shopping on their own.

The girls continued their onslaught with hair braiding, fingernail painting and temporary tattoos.

Massage time. Hot stone massage was great @ 150 000 for 1 hour 40 minutes.
Off to beach front for dinner. We sat on the top deck of beach front restaurant and enjoyed the fire jugglers on the beach and the passing parade of people, all from the safety of above. The meals were excellent.

Monday 4 April 2011 – Legian and Balian - rain, head high surf

I had an early morning walk on the beach. I sat down for about a minute before a hello from behind revealed a girl/boy in a short skirt. He/she was very persistent but amusing. I continued my walk unmolested and safe in my purity.

Jacinta and I had breakfast and the girls went shopping.

Nyoman picked us up at 11am and with a few bakery stopovers we eventually got to Balian. The surf was up so I was out.

Batu Balian cottages – 700 000 per night for four people upstairs with two double fan rooms, sitting room and large verandah. It had good views of surf.
Transport - 350 000 rupiah Legian to Balian.
Met - Frank from USA and guy from Jersey USA

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