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indonesia - Sumbawa - Lakey - 19 to 26 April 2011

Tuesday – 19 April 2011 – Ubud and Lakey - sun, cloudy, rain – 1 metre to over head height waves

We were up early for the drive to the domestic airport (250 000). It took just over an hour but on checking in at the airport, we were told the plane was full for surfboards. Luckily, being first to check in, my board managed to be fitted in. Other guys waited two days for their boards.
At Bima, we were greeted by Mus from Aman Gati, who organized the boards and luggage onto the cars. Advice – don’t let the porters or anyone not with Mus pick up your gear… you’ll be hassled to pay if you do.

The drive took 2 hours pass fish farms, salt farms, hills and Dompu. We checked in but the room wasn’t very good (construction work was our view) but they organized a different room for tomorrow.
I went for late surf at Nungas, which was sectioning and shallow at 1 metre to head height. Harry was there when I got out. Harry is the motorbike rider that pillioned me last year. It was great to see him again has despite our language barriers I consider him a friend. Besides that, he laughs at all my jokes. Yes, he doesn’t speak English much but that is perfect to me.

Wednesday – 20 April 2011 – Lakey – sun, cloudy - 1 metre to over head height waves
I started with an early surf at Nungas at about 1 metre and glassy with a handful of surfers. Soon, it reached overhead and barreling and very crowded.

After breakfast, I went to Periscopes for a surf which was about a metre and fun.

After lunch, I went to Cobblestones for another surf which was over head height with a lot of water movement. Shaun (met him on the plane) turned up so at least I wouldn’t drown on my own. I took some waves on the head but got a few okay waves.
Malaria tablet day.

Thursday – 21 April 2011 – Lakey – sun, cloudy, rain – one metre to head height waves

I had a late start, due to the low tide, and went to Periscopes. It was one metre and fun. The crowd picked up quickly but I still got a few waves. Harry wanted me to see his ricefields after the surf so off we went. He owned two fields and we had to walk through two fields to get to his padi. Harry’s famiy were there sitting in the shade – his wife two daughters and youngest son. His oldest son was somewhere else. Harry demonstrated to me how he works in the fields. Kerja baik – good jod! I was dying of thirst as I had forgotten to bring water with me.

Later, I went out at Cobblestones which was much smaller and fun.

Friday 22 April 2011 – Lakey – sun, cloudy, rain – one metre to head height waves
I woke up and had a walk along the beach and reef to Lakey Pipe. I ran into Jay, who was organizing a boat to Mystery Point.

After breakfast, Jacinta, Chloe and I caught a motorbike to Cobblestones. The girls loved the motorbike ride. There were only three out including myself but that soon changed. Still there were enough waves and it was a fun break.

Back for lunch, we went to he Frenchman’s restaurant and it took an hour to come!
Chloe and I went back to Cobblestones. This time I surfed it by myself in one metre fun waves.

Back at the hotel and after a shower, Chloe and I went for a walk to Nungas and looked around the reef pools. We met a young Aussie couple from Tasmania.

We had dinner (curry) at Dekkis which was really tasty. It is a rickety two storey building with a restaurant on the top floor. It is nothing fancy but the food was so good.

Saturday – 23 April 2011 – Lakey – rain, cloudy, sun – just below head height to double head height waves

I’ve had a virus for the last few days that was mild but on this morning it hit much harder.
Shane and Helen went back to Bali today.

After breakfast, I went with Harry to Cobblestones. It was one metre to head high with long lulls but no one out again. I had great fun waves for 2 hours.
Back at the hotel and I crashed for an hour or so.

We all went for a motor bike ride to Periscopes via Hu’u and the bay path. We had great fun driving along the road and tracks. In Hu’u we drove through the village streets (tracks) and stopped at Harry’s place. The people were so friendly in the village and we got heaps of photos. At Periscopes, the waves were solid and intense with close to double overhead on the sets. I watched 13 waves in a row and only three surfers making it. The rest were crushed to oblivion. Not my type of wave.

We watched the sunset (first to be seen this week due to clouds) Afterwards, We had dinner down the road and later sat on the beach and watched the stars (clear night) and sang songs. We need to know the words!

Sunday – 24 April 2011 – Lakey - sun, cloudy, rain – 1metre to head height
The day started with a beautiful red sky on a mountain backdrop.

Chloe and I walked to Nungas and I had a snorkel in one of the large rock pools remaining on the low tide. While snorkeling I saw a few sea horses. They were straight and moved by curving their body like a sea snake. They also had a dark brown fan at the end of their tails
Chloe and I then caught motorbikes with Jay and Harry to Cobblestones. I had a fun 1 metre surf by myself for the first hour and quarter.

Later in the afternoon, it started to pour and I drove with Harry to Periscopes where there was one metre to just below head height waves. I surfed constantly for an hour by myself before two guys paddled out. We continued to surf for another hour before the tide started to get too low. It was one of the best but intense surfs with heaps of waves, fast walls and three barrels I’d had so far.

We had a great curry down the road for dinner.

Monday – 25 April 2011 – Lakey – sun, cloudy - ½ metre waves
We had a very lazy day today.

We had a walk to Nungas. I went for a snorkel while the girls swam and lazed on the beach. There were heaps of fish. We met and spoke with a group of local ladies from Dompu on the way back.
Later, Chloe and I had a bike ride to Cobblestones and Nungadora. The lefts at cobblestones looked intense but rideable and Nungadora was blown out.

We said our goodbyes to Jay and Harry and paid them 500 000 each for the week of bike riding.

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