Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CENTRAL COAST - Terrigal en Plein-air Painting - 18 june 2011

I was asked by a friend to video local artists that were running an informal competition in conjunction with the Five Lands Walk on the Central Coast.

I spent the day walking around filming and talking to the artists who were located at various points around Terrigal Beach and the Haven.

It was very interesting watching them paint. The style of each painter was very different so it would have been hard to judge a winner.

The artists themselves were very interesting people with a variety of happy outlooks upon life.

We talked about perfection, painting style, colour, techniques, scenery, loves and likes. It was a pleasure to meet these people and hear their views on life.

I have embedded a shortened video version of the day and videos of each individual artist. The videos show the artists painting followed by a short conversation.

A great fun day!

Terrigal Plein-air Painting 2011 – short version of the whole day

Russell Austin

Simon Sawell

Greg Somers

Paul Haggith

Yianni Johns

Pat Carroll

Mike Worrell

Wendy Bills

Greg Jarmaine

Graeme Balchin

Greg Coates

Christine Vanderwyk

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