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indonesia - Sumba - Tarimbang and Marosi - 2 to 13 May 2011

Monday 2 may 2011 – Legian/Tarimbang - sun

We packed, shopped and drove to domestic airport. The flight was delayed an hour.
Eventually, we arrived at Waingapu, Sumba and got our bags. Now that was an experience. The bags arrive and are put on a table big enough for five bags. The bags keep coming and so they pile up and fall onto the floor. Everyone is crowded around the table and no one will move out of the way so you can get to the bags. I got the boards quick enough as walking with two boards through a crowded area is pretty lethal to people who wont get out of the way. Maaf… sorry…maaf. Ken had a much longer job with the bags even though but because they were first off the plane and on the table. After this event, we drove to Tarimbang but not until stopping at the markets for water and oranges, looking for sate ayam for the driver, visiting the driver’s father in hospital (he had a hernia operation), meeting Cindy (Marthen’s wife – I met her last year and Marthen owns the homestay at Tarimbang) who happens to be the driver’s sister – now I see the connection. Plus one more stop so the driver could say hello and pass a note to his girlfriend, who lived about half between Waingapu and Tarimbang.

We arrived in the evening. There were four people already there – Daniel, Pedro from Portugal and a Swiss brother and sister but they were leaving tomorrow. They were all nice people.
Ken and I had a hut each. The beds and pillows were new and the eating area had been cleaned up and the old furniture removed. This was a relief as the mould the year before was the dominant smell and feel around camp.

Tuesday 3 may 2011 – Tarimbang – sun - 1m to head height surf

We had a good early head high surf. There was a moored boated with a variety of surfers.

The others left after lunch.

We had a walk along the beach and late great surf. We were alone for an hour before the boat returned. No problem though. They even gave us a boat lift to the beach. It is a half hour paddle to the reach the waves longer coming back when you are tired.

Dinner was whole fish and good.

Wednesday 4 may 2011 – Tarimbang - sun – ½ to 1m surf

We went for early surf which was small ½ to 1m.

We went for a walk around the village and stopped and chatted to a few of the locals. One thing about Sumba is that the people are a little shy so you have to initiate the conversation. This applies when you want something as well. That is, you have to ask, if not, it probably wont happen.

Later in the afternoon, we went for a surf but it was too small so we went back and got our snorkeling gear. On the way back we passed by the fisherman who were loaded with fish.
The snorkeling was clear some distance from shore though water was a bit too shallow. The sand covered the coral in the shallows. There were a few fish and Ken said he saw a sea snake.

Whole fish again…yum!

Thursday – 5 May 2011 – Tarimbang and Marosi – sun
The surf was still flat so we organized a car to Marosi 1 000 000 rupiah but the car wasn’t ready till about 1 pm. It was a five hour trip and the driver had no idea where the place was. Towards the end, we did a lot of wrong turns but eventually we got there.

We settled into the room, which was part of a four roomed villa and walked the 10 minutes to the restaurant. It was all pretty civilized, especially, compared to Marten’s.
We met a nice couple who live in Bali and drove to Sumba. We joined tables together and enjoyed a great conversation over dinner.

Friday – 6 May 2011 – Marosi – sun

The fan room -  400 000 per night. I went for an early walk down to the beach. The walk down was about 20 minutes. I met a lot of locals along the way. The beach was nice and I followed a few trails to cross the headland but it was further than I thought so I back tracked.
Breakfast was good.

We sat around most of the day. Ken decided to go back to Bali.

In the afternoon, I sat by the pool and talked with a Swiss couple.

Saturday – 7 May 2011 – Marosi – sun

We hired a car to look at the various surf spots – 500 000. There wasn’t much surf but it was nice looking around the countryside. Ken bought his ticket to Bali.

In the afternoon,  we had the car drive us to the local beach. We had a snorkel but the visibility was very poor. We went for surf but it was tiny and full.

Sunday – 8 May 2011 – Marosi – sun

The swell had picked up. Ken caught his car to the airport and I went down the beach for surf. It looked pretty awesome but the wave tended to switch breaking spots so I got caught inside about five times. Not much fun when you don’t know the waves or break but it was okay. I caught a few waves but I was having trouble working out the take off spot. As it was I was surfing the first section which was about head high. There was a second section much further out but I felt I was out far enough on the first section.

I decided to go to Tarimbang as it felt risky surfing on your own. Ali organized a car for me at 9 on Monday as it was Sunday so the driver was at church – 800 000. I let Marthen know I was coming.
I spent a quiet day looking at the surf and resting.

 Monday – 9 may 2011 – Marosi, Tarimbang – sun, cloudy
I left Marosi mid morning and arrived at Tarimbang mid afternoon. There was no one there. I settled in and went for late surf which was great, glassy, head high waves.

Mark from Scotland arrived that night.

Tuesday 10 May 2011 – Tarimbang - sun, cloudy, rain
I had three surfs throughout the day,the best being in the morning. The waves ranged from 1metre to head high. Long, long glassy fun walls. It was an excellent surf filled day.

Wednesday 11 may 2011 - Tarimbang, Marosi

An eventful day!

The early surf was huge with 10 foot sets. I caught a couple of mid size waves but eventually, I was caught by the sets and held down for ages. I could only get to the surface by standing on my board and pushing hard upwards. The waves were awesome on the sets though short and the water movement was messing up the waves.

I wasn’t happy (near drowning do that to me)so I decided it was time to move on. I organized the car with Marthen but the tyre had to be fixed and we didn’t leave to 12:30 so there was going to be no flight today. On the way to Marosi, we checked the tyres, nearly ran out of petrol, it rained, thundered, lightning. I felt there were greater forces working to stop me getting a flight out today. I decided that I would go with the flow.

There were no flights till Friday so I got a ticket and room at Nautil Resort. I got an air con room where the aircon works but sounds like a jet taxiing down the runway. I switched it during the day but off to sleep.

There were good waves but I was reluctant to surf here again on my own.

There was no one staying at the resort. It was all mine!!! Ha ha hee hee! Time to circumspect.

Thursday 12 may 2011 – Marosi - sun, cloudy, rain
I had a crap of a sleep.

I got a map of the area from Ali and went for a walk. It was suppose to take two hours but it took about 6 hours. I went through villages, down to the river, along a number of beaches, across the headlands, through the jungles, pass barking and angry dogs (do I smell that strange) and rice fields. I spoke to heaps of locals and really enjoyed myself. Luckily, when I connected with the road there was a motor bike there so I got a lift back to the hotel. Lucky again! It poured, thunder and lightning a few minutes after I got back.

Once it cleared, I spent the afternoon around the pool.

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