Wednesday, June 15, 2011

indonesia - Bali - Legian - 30 April to 2 may 2011

Saturday – 30 April 2011 – Berewa, Legian – sun, cloudy

We left Berewa at 10am. I wasn’t feeling well – virus.

We checked into Kumala Hotel and shopped most of the day. Finally, the time had come to end for Jacinta and Chloe and I saw them off at the airport for their return to Auswtralia then I waited for Ken’s arrival.

Ken wasn’t tired and the flu tablets had hyped me up so we went down to some beach bars and sat at cocoons and had a few beers.

Sunday – 1 may 2011 – legian - sun, cloudy
We went down the beach early but it wasn’t looking good and we were tired.

We had breakfast and did our jobs - shop, money and food supplies. We had a hot stone massage which was great!

In the evening we sat on bead bags on the beach and had a beer.

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