Wednesday, June 22, 2011

indonesia - Bali - Balian - 14 to 19 April 2011

Saturday 14 may 2011 – Legian, Balian – sun, cloudy – surf 1m to head height

Nyoman arrived with Ross at 6:30am for drive to Balian. We stopped at a few places and arrived at Balian at 9am. We settled into Ayu’s and I got a nice room for 120 000 with a view across the river right hand wave.
We went for surf on the main left and right. It was a metre to head height and glassy though crowded conditions. It was still a lot of fun.

I had lunch then a sleep. I went for an afternoon surf on the river rights. It was 1m to head height with a couple of barrels.

Sunday 15 may 2011 – Balian – sun, cloudy – 1m to below head height

We went for a walk to Mejan Beach but the tide was too high. The conditions were cleaner and so it showed the break had potential.
After breakfast, I surfed the river right with waves 1 metre to just below head height.

I slept in the afternoon and didn’t bother with surf (a bit small).

Monday 16 may 2011 – Balian – sun, cloudy
I had ttwo excellent surfs on the river rights which were excellent and solid.  There with only a few guys on both occassions.

Tuesday 17 may 2011 – Balian – sun, cloudy

I surfed the main break and great waves at the river rights. Good waves 1m to head height.

Wednesday 18 may 2011 – Balian - sun, cloudy

There were waves in the morning but very crowded and no one seemed happy. My virus was stronger today so I stayed out of the water. Most people seemed grumpy today maybe because of the morning crowded surf.

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