Tuesday, May 16, 2017


A mountain bike ride at Bouddi National Park in the morning.

I rode the tracks to Strom lookout.  It started as a service road then there was a track to the left. I followed this and came to a number of turn offs that weren't there before. New tracks!

I followed the track that veered in the direction the Strom Lookout. What a great track which run roughly parallel with the service road but lower down the slope. It was so much fun.

Eventually, it connected with the service road and I followed that to the Strom Lookout.  An amazing view over Brisbane Water on a sunny and clear morning.

I continued to follow the service road to the end and once again there was another new track. This was much harder and heaps of fun. At one point, there was a track to the left that lead downhill on steep berms. I followed it part of the way but decided to complete it when I had more time. I came back up and continued along the track till it joined on to the service road and back to the start.

What a great 2.25 adventurous and challenging ride.

In the afternoon, I joined Jacinta for a walk around the Terrigal Haven. I did one lap and sat on the Haven Beach and enjoyed the sunset and the afternoon stillness while Jacinta did another lap.

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