Wednesday, May 17, 2017

BEACHES - 17 MAY 2017

I wasn't feeling too well this morning but okay enough to get out and about but nothing too energetic.

First stop, Avoca Beach. There were some waves south but generally it was a bit messy. the sunrise was glorious. The north end of the beach was suffused by thee salt mist and rising sun in yellow and gold light. The ocean was twinkling and radiating gold.

Next stop, Wamberal Beach. There was a great wave at the big house but there weren't many of them. Mainly, they were closing out but when someone got a good one, it was good.

Next stop, Shelley Beach. It was a random mess.

The final stop was Toowoon Bay. There was an occasional decent wave off the point but generally more suited for SUPS and kayaks. I sat in the café above the beach and enjoyed the view. After awhile, I wandered around the edge of the beach. Walking in the shallows and taking in the ocean world. I was feeling inspired by the water and had an ocean swim. I couldn't believe that I as summing in board shorts two weeks before winter. The water was warm and clear.

Getting out of the water and walking back to the car and ran into old windsurfing mate Lance. A great chat as I hadn't seen him for ages.

Back home and after the morning chores, the girls and I went to the Erina Fair Mall for lunch. Yummy Moroccan pizza.

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