Sunday, May 28, 2017



I had such a good sleep last night and I actually slept in to 6:30am. I decided to make it a take it easy day.

Later in the morning, I met Jacinta for coffee at Terrigal Haven. We sat above the beach and enjoyed.

In the early afternoon, I got a haircut and a few things that I needed to buy ... aqua ear plugs, snorkel goggles with gopro attachment and some surfboard wax.

At home, I serviced my bike and cleaned up inside and outside.



After another good nights sleep and a flat surf, I was ready for Popran National Park.

I parked on Ironbark Road, about a 1km before the picnic area. There was room there for four cars.

The ride started with a steep climb, then a long easy section to the start of Popran NP. Then, it was around the gate and onto to 248 trail. This was a long, rough, fun and in parts steep downhill until Donovan's Forest.

The forest is a relatively wide glade of ferns with well spaced trees. It was pretty and relaxing.

It was then up the hill on the other side of the glade and there was a small flat sandstone platform to ride around then it was downhill till the turnoff for the Hominy Creek trail and the narrow part of the 248 trail which became a dead-end track.

I rode along the 248 track but it was very difficult due to the high number of trees blocking the track. At the end of the track, was a large tessellated sandstone area that was covered in vegetation giving it a maze like appeal. I followed the tracks and was rewarded with views down to Mangrove Creek.

I backtracked and then followed the Hominy Trail. This trail followed the ridge and was well maintained until the last downhill section which was unbelievably eroded. It was very difficult getting down but the challenge was fun.

At the base and a little to the right was Emerald Pool. This pool really was emerald in colour and so clear and pretty. I was thinking of a swim but the wind was a little too cool today.

I scrambled around the pool then it was a  long steep walk up the track to Mount Olive trail and then it was a much longer and steeper ride/walk back to the start of the park.

The last section back to the van was long and fast. A great way to end a ride.

A challenging, fun and long 10.77 km ride.

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