Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I left Lovina and rode to Pemuteran. I pulled into the Jubawa Hotel and got a nice private air con room for 400 000R with wifi, breakfast and an excellent pool.

After settling in, I walked around the street, along the beach and back to the  hotel then rested. It was a hot walk!
I rode to the temple to the east of Pemuteran. The temple - Pura Pabean - had an amazing panoramic view along the coast, the temples were colourfully decorated and there were heaps of monkeys.  I then went west and had a swim at Pemuteran Beach. Later, I  followed some dirt turnoffs further west. I came across locals doing field work, a abseiling tower, a number of beautiful bays and pretty beaches and an army group doing training.

Not a good night, as I had food poisoning. The worse I've ever had for pain and it went from 10pm to 3pm. I threw up thinking it was all over but the pain started up again with high temperature and dizziness. Eventually, I slept.

When I woke, I cancelled the snorkel trip to Menjangan and stayed another night. The pains still continue throughout the day though less often till about 1pm. I spend the day trying to sleep and later in the afternoon, I sat and swam at the hotel pool.

The next day, I went to Pemuteran - on next blog page.

The following day, I felt okay enough to bike it back to Balian.

Reflection Pemuteran
The hotel was good, the room was good and the pool great. The service was generally ok but fairly indifferent. Access to the beach is along a few dirt roads/tracks - a bit of a walk. The beach is okay but ordinary as there were a lot of rocks/coral near shore.

Riding the bike around the area was great with heaps of turn offs leading to nowhere and somewhere. In this case, the journey is the fun part.

The big draw card was Menjangan for snorkelling. It was pretty good and it was such a fun easy drift. Yep! I'd go back but probably not for awhile has it is out of the way. 

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