Monday, August 3, 2015


Nyoman (transport and long time friend) arrived at the Swiss Belinn Hotel, Legian and soon we were off to Balian, in the north west of Bali. It was good to catch up with Nyoman. We talked about his family, aspirations and the meanings of life. The last topic was a mixture of views/thoughts which seemed to melt together as we reached the end of the journey.
I settled into my room at Ayu's Homestay and checked the surf. The waves were good so I had an okay late surf.

My room at Ayu's is simple and rough - bed, mosquito net, fan and bathroom with shower and toilet - but it has an excellent view of the waves with a nice balcony and bench with a thin mattress. Love the view and breeze!

Over the following week, I surfed, ate and met heaps of people...
John (architect) and his family ?, Chris, Peter - nice friendly family

Kane, Taina from nz and their two nice kids. They live in Auckland where he is a groundsman.

Melvin from Singapore - on short holiday - he works for government organizing sport events.

Yana from Czech Republic - long term traveller
Ian and Carmen from south africa - they were here for a holiday and business in jewelry. Carmen looked like Cersei in Game of Thrones.
Marty, Phil and Mark - expats living in Balian. I met Mark over thirty years ago surfing in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka.

Karen - nurse worked WA, NT and now QLD - and her daughter Charly. Her son was sick in bed with fever.

Ben a knee boarder from New Mexico.


The surf was good on arrival with two three surfs a day in off shore to cross shore winds at about head height.

The swell increased dramatically and was still rideable but it was bumpy and rough with a lot of water movement.

The swell dropped and the waves got better and better. after a few days the swell was starting to get a bit smaller and the crowds were increasing. I needed a surf

Had a walk in afternoon to the north. I walked down a concrete drive just before Mina Gajah Resort and had access to a small bay and beach. On the beach, I found access to a small cave and came out onto another beach.

I walked along the beach and then through a small arch to the next beach. I was nearly through when I was swamped by a wave, thrown against the rocks, cut my arm heaps on the barnacles and treaded water has the little recess in the rocks was now over head height in swirling water. Luckily, I managed to climb the rocks when the water receded and even though my day pack went under the water, the cameras didnt get wet. How lucky was that!!!!

I continued along the beach and around the point to Meja Beach. From there I wandered around the small temple and followed the nature trail to Mina Gajah Resort point. I sat rested and admired the view.

I had other hikes to town and along the Balian Beach.


Melvin and I were invited to a ceremony at Ayu's home to bless the new home temple. It was great! there was a spread of food. the people were friendly and colourful. There were musicians, puppets, dancers, storytellers, holy man, holy woman and blessings galore. This was all happening at the same time in a small courtyard.


This was a great week - met lots of people, surf was good, bike rides, ceremonies and a relaxing atmosphere. It isn't like a second home but it is a good place to chill-out and get fitter. Love it!

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