Monday, August 3, 2015


Off to Bali today. Final preparations. AHHH!  I finished packing but was 2 kilograms overweight so had to toss out a few things.

The shuttle bus arrived at my front door at 12:50pm. No problems getting to airport.
I get to the departure lounge and Nicky and her son are there going also to Bali.

I flew to Bali 17:20 to 21:35 with 35kgs of baggage and an entertainment pack. Uneventful flight.
At Bali, I paid visa $35US, paspport stamped, filled in arrival form, was harassed by a drunk Aussie, picked up my bags, handed in customs form, xrayed bags and was in exit area.

I hailed a guy in the waiting crowd and got a van for 150 000R to Legian.
The traffic was light and I was soon settled into Swiss-Belinn hotel and tried to sleep.
Yo! the trip begins. I started with a morning view from the rooftop of the hotel. Such a great looking small rooftop pool, bar with a great view over Kuta towards the airport.
Next was a morning surf check. The surf wasn't too good but it was nice to sit on the beach and watch the beach walkers and the surf in much warmer conditions than home.
Breakfast at the Mugshot Café - coffee, orange juice and bagette with bacon and scrambled eggs. Looked good and was yum!
Walked up towards Bingtang supermarket to change money and buy pulsa (phone credit) - 300 000R.
The cash rate was $1 AUD @ 10220R

Back at the hotel, I rang Ayu and an booked upstairs room @ 150 00R per night including breakfast and Nyoman for 11am van pick up for Balian tomorrow @ 400 000R. Too easy... so far. :)

 Wandered down the street which was much more crowded now. Had a partial maassage but it was hopeless so I stopped it, paid them, got abused then continued on.  As I continued, the massage girls were desperate for work/money and so were very aggressive/annoying. The place I had a good massage from last year was gone but there was a new one a few doors up which was clean and good. I had a good Aromatherapy massage at 80 000R for 1 hour - just up from the Grand Kumala Hotel.
I had a few swims in the hotel rooftop pool and headed for the beach for a sunset beer for nice sunset, chat with beach bar worker and nails cut.

The next day, I had a morning pool swim then a surf check, a short beach walk and breakfast.

Later I had an aromatherapy massage at the hotel - 1 hour at 125 000R. It was good.

All packed and ready for Balian.

Reflection Legian

I haven't stayed at the Swiss-Belinn before. It is a nice hotel and the roof top pool/bar is great. My room was on the ground floor near the dining area so nearly every time I opened the door there was crowd of people to stare at me... not too private. the rooms were clean and modern. . There was no balcony which I missed!

Getting to the beach was via a very narrow lane (gang) which wasn't advisable to walk at night. Robberies do happen I prefer the Grand Kumala hotel though it is aging.

In the streets, all was fine but the massage girls were annoying/harassing.

It is a great spot to get settled for Indonesia - money cashed, transport, supplies, etc but it is very urban and I was happy to be moving onwards and to a more natural setting.

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