Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Nyoman and I left for Kuta from Balian at pick up at 2pm - 400 000R. We chatted along the way, mainly about his future aspirations.
I settled into Bali Sandy Resort and had a wander around the streets, beach and dinner.
I arranged a van for airport - pickup, wait, return - for 300 000R.

Meanwhile, the shuttle bus pick up the family and were on their way to the airport. the girls flew business class Jetstar Sydney to Bali 7:20 to 21:35. they loved the flight and the extra room. the plane arrived an hour late with the girls exiting at 11 pm.

Jacinta and I had an early walk down to the beach then breakfast and spent the day around pool.

I hired a motorbike @ 60 000R for 5 days = 300 000R as Kara needed transport to get to various venues because of chronic fatigue. It was fun and challenging to blend in with the Kuta traffic. Despite all the chaos people are very courteous.

Bali Sandy Resort

The rooms were nice, the pool nice, the gardens nice and the staff indifferent. On the first night the noise from bands kept me awake. this continued for the length of the stay. So I even though all was okay with the okay, I could never recommend it.

The food was very good and surprisingly it was the cheapest eat around the area.


The beach - well, when I'm on my own it is pretty quiet but with the girls it was hawker heaven ... massage, bracelet, sarong, pineapple, etc. Still, we enjoyed the beach, the chairs, the sunset and the hawkers were entertaining.


We did a little shopping but outings were centred around food and different places to eat. We ate at ritzy looking places, warungs and bars to get a variety of experiences. The food was okay to good everywhere and their didn't seem to be a great difference in the price of meals.

I arranged transport  to Sanur and we checked out at12 noon.

Reflection Kuta
It was all good for an urban area - shops, food, amenities. Generally, I felt it was better at the northern end of Kuta as it was too noisy at noight at this end. We check out Hotel Lusa if we ever decide to stay in Kuta again.

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