Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Back to Balian from Pemuteran about 100 km or 4 hours. It was an interesting bike ride back with quiet country roads, friendly people and great views of the north then the west coast of Bali. At one point, I drove through a tree that the road passed through. It was my intention to exit the quiet roads near Balian but I actually exited at Medewi.

I settled back into my room and started the routine of eat, sleep, surf.


The waves were even better on return. A friend from home, Brett, came up for a few days and we had some fun surfs together. The waves over the next week were fun and over head height.


Met lots of people - one or two were a bit strange. At breakfast one morning, there was an expat from Kuta there. to shorten the story, I could tell he didn't want to talk but we did unfortunately. I asked him was living in Kuta good. He asked me to define 'good'. This continue for a few minutes with question answered by a question. Finally, I just turned around and looked at  the view and all in the world was right again.

Lucas a teacher from SA

Jack the Canadian

Ben - did heaps of interesting things like protesting, engineer and worked at heaps of places in Oz and overseas.

Steve, Doug and ? - nice friendly guys.


I had a haircut and hair wash at the local market area  - 50 000R - maybe a bit too short.
Well this was on the news and I was there in the thick of it and the complications it caused.

Firstly, my family was coming over in a week and all the flights were cancelled for quite a number of days. people in Balian, were told they could rebook or wait for a flight. There were a lot of calls between me and home regarding back up plans.

Of course, a few days before there arrival I ran out of phone credit - no problems - but shops closed in village so had to wait a day. All is well! Nah! My phone died on the most crucial day so I had to go buy a new phone. All is well! Yah! My family's flight was running to schedule.

The day the flights stopped, I had never seen the air so clear in Bali. From Balian I could clearly see the Bukit and Java.


On my last day in Balian the surf was excellent and glassy (the best day yet). After two surfs, I was totally stuffed. I laid down on my balcony bench and relaxed peacefully with a cool tropical breeze wafting over me.

Nyoman arrived and we were on our way to Kuta and my family.

Reflection Balian
Always it is a different mental trip here. This time, I was very surf focused. I surfed two and sometimes three times a day in great waves. By the time I left, I was surf exhausted and relaxed. 

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