Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I hired a bike for 60 000R per day and headed off to Munduk from Balian.

The traffic at the beginning of the ride along the main road was horrendous - fumes, traffic jams and crazy driving. Once off the main road things calmed down and it became a pleasant ride.
I took a wrong turn but after asking questions it seemed like the right road but the tar became gravel, then rocks, then dirt and rocks then very, very steep and finally ended at a mountain temple - conclusion it was the wrong way! Back to the main road and all seemed on track when I came to a big green sign 'Munduk'.  I followed it for ages, checked my directions but eventually the road became a dirt track. Back to the main road again but on the way back a guy offered to show me the way. I followed and we turned here ,there and everywhere but eventually, he pointed to a small road and said that way. I followed the road (which was one way and was wasn't going the right way) with great hope and after a short distance came to a main road which lead to ... Munduk.

I stopped at the Meme homestay - 081938380982 , met the lady running a shop across the road, who got thee hotel owners to open up the hotel and I got a nice clean room with a great view for 200 000R.

She (lady across the road) also rang a guide for me and within the hour I was fed and trekking away. The guide was 60 000R per hour. The hike was 3 hours so 180 000R in total. We started at his warung...'Warung Heaven - Kadek 085737841860' and I had a pleasant meal with a view across the valley.

The hike started along dirt tracks that winded down the hill through lush vegetation and farms to the waterfalls (there was an easier way but we went to scenic, rough way). The first fall fall was rustic and impressive. The wind was howling due to the pressure of the water falling in a narrow chasm.

The second waterfall was up heaps and heaps of steep winding stairs. A long the way , we passed a house where the father and son were playing a game with spinning tops. The waterfall was more crowded as it was more tourist excessible but it was still great.

Continuing onwards, upwards and downwards we wandered on through lush enclosing vegetation, coffee plantations and rice fields. At the ricefields the area was more open and there were kites flying everywhere These were flown for leisure, gambling and fighting. We watched the near sunset and continued upwards to Munduk.

Wandering back to the hotel, I was treated to a glorious sunset.

Back at the hotel, a shower then dinner aat the Warung Classic which had the best Balinese food i've eaten in ages.

The next day, I rode the Bike to Candikunning  and back to Munduk- I'm put this on the next page of the blog.

On leaving Munduk, the girl at the hotel and the lady across the road and her family came to say goodbye and have a farewell photo. NICE :)

Reflection Munduk
I liked it. The food was tasty and different. The hotel was simple with a great roof top view and room view from the window. The people at the hotel and across the road were nice. The hiking was good and there were heaps more hikes to do. A great chill out place. :). this definitely on my list of come back again places.

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