Wednesday, August 5, 2015


After breakfast and farewells in Munduk, I biked it to Lovina.

No problems at all with directions this time even though there were a number of unmarked turns when i reached Seritit. 

On entering Kalibukbuk, the touts were in forced - room, snorkel, dolphins, cockfight, etc etc and when one finished another was eager to repeat the speel. I got a small hotel for 150 000R with fan in a side street. I wandered around Lovina which had been visually improved with a waterfront promendaade, more restaurants and some bars.

I booked a snorkel on the reef - 75 000R. It wasn't much good years ago and even though it was better it still was lacking in coral and big fish. Still, it was pretty and the boat ride was fun. :)

After dinner, I sat in a bar and listened to folk and country music. The musician kept playing John Denver's songs as he said he knew I liked it. To some degree that is true but it was quietly played.

Back in the hotel,  it was pretty quiet so i settled down for a good sleep. But that was not to be - duff duff music started pounding insanely shaking the room from 10pm to 3am. I smiled put in my ear plugs (helped a bit) and read a book. The music stop and I got some sleep but as per usual I woke up early and was pretty tired.

I decided to shorten my stay and move on to Pemuteran.

Reflection Lovina

Visually the place looks better. The beach promende is well set out and a pleasant walk. The beach was so so for swimming as i didn't do it and strangely enough the black sand is now grey. There were a lot of good restaurants with great food. But it was too noisy at night (in all fairness it was Saturday night) and the touts though not aggressive were still just there. The snorkelling was ordinary though the boat ride was great. Nah, i wouldn't go back or if i did i would stay to the east of Kalibukuk.

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