Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Up early in Munduk, breakfast on the roof of the hotel and off on the motorbike in the Candikunning direction.

At the start, the road was very steep with 180 degreee turns with the sun in my eyes but was okay once I reached the rim of the volcano that surrounds the three lakes. It was very cold biking along the ridge with great views all the way along of the three lakes - Tamblingan, Buyan and Beratan.

Eventually, I did a sharp right into the road leading downhill to Candikunning. The road was steep but wide. There were monkeys all along the road.

First stop was the Pura Ulan Danau. It was an amazing complex of beautiful temples and paths set on the edge of Lake Beratan with a mountainous backdrop. There were numerous blessings and ceremonies taking place in the major and minor temples. The atmosphere was one of happiness. I spent a long time admiring the people, temples and lake.

Next, the markets at Candikunniing. I had coffee and nasi campur in a small warung and watched the locals and tourists doing there things. Later, I wandered around the market and I brought a long sleeved shirt for bike riding 60 000R (protection from cold, heat and wind), 1/2 kilogram of strawberries and some hot corn. The market is small but has a lot of variety.

Back on the bike for the Bali Botanical Gardens. The different plant houses were far up the hill and the rest of the place was lawn area with trees for shade. ii choose a spot to rest for awhile and eat my picnic snacks. I didn't go to the plant houses - my legs were a little sore from yesterday's hike.

I drove back to Munduk stopping to view the monkeys on the road.

The new bike shirt worked well as it was light and protected me from the sun and wind.

I had a lazy afternoon back at the hotel, sitting on the roof secction watching the sunset over the North Bali Sea.

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