Tuesday, May 29, 2018


24 MAY 2018

After another cold night, I moved on towards the Capertree Valley.

I followed the bird trail when I entered the Capertree Valley, stopping at a number of recommended places. The stops were nice but I didn't see any birds.

I drove to Glen Davis for a look around the town. It used to be huge during the Shale Oil days but it was now a mixed of a few houses. It had a free camping area with hot showers. I met one of the local caretakers who told me a lot about the place. Interesting place and character.

I drove on a short distance to the Coorongooba campground along the banks of the Capertree River in Wollemi National Park. For some reason, it seemed warmer here. I set up camp and had a mountain bike ride.

I followed a track that lead to a dead end on the river. I backtracked and found further up the hill the Capertree River Trail. It was a rough wide trail with lots of steep uphill and downhill. I didn't get to the end as I as a little weary from yesterday's ride.

I had an enjoyable afternoon sitting in the sun, walking around the campsite, watching the birds and kangaroos.

25 MAY 2018

I woke and continued my journey through the Capertree Valley.

I followed the bird trail again and once again the stops were pleasant but no birds. Haha.

Out of the Capertree Valley and a stop at Rylstone for a cappuccino and 2nd breakfast.

I was on my way home via Bylong Valley. I passed a sign that said Fern Tree Gully. I turned off, followed the narrow dirt road for 2 kilometres and arrived at a picnic area. There were two hikes on a signpost map. I took the longer one and had a great hike.

The track lead into a narrow and rocky canyon with tree roots lining the sides and an assort of ferns on the ground level. It was very quiet and so pretty. At the end of the canyon, steps lead to the top and two lookouts over the canyon.

A bit to eat and then it was time for the long road home.

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