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There are eight parking spots at the end of Warrah Trig Road.


A Central Coast Council campsite is located at Patonga.

The Ride

A beautiful sunny day with a cool morning bite to the air.

I started at the end of Warrah Trig Road and rode down the road. Part of the way down the road, I met a fellow rider who had ridden up from Pearl Beach.

Towards the end of the road, I took a turn to the right and followed an obscured track and onto the tessellation platforms. A bouncy ride at times but it was open and fun and the view amazing.

Back to the dirt road and then another turn to the right just before Patonga Drive. This as a smooth short track through the trees and bushes that ends on Patonga Drive.

Following Patonga Drive for a short ride to a gate on the right. A peddle around the gate and onto a vague track that winds its way to another tessellation platform that is across the gully to the other tessellation platform. Once again an amazing view plus an open area to pedal where you feel like going.

I turned off the platform and turned left onto Patonga Drive. A short uphill later there was a large dirt parking area on the right which was the start of the Van Dahl trail. After wheeling the bike around the locked gate I followed the wide easy firetrail. As the trail veers more sharply to the right, there was a short side track to the left that has some nice views and smooth sandstone to ride over. Back to the main trail and after awhile it becomes steeper and more eroded.

Part of the way down the steep section was a turn to the right. This was the Sani Depot trail. This track as a wide fire trail but it has two really fun rough steep downhill sections and a long undulating rough section before turning up a steep hill.

Part of the way up the hill was turn to the left. This was the Neera Trail. This track becomes narrower as it progresses through lo trees over a rough ground of rocks and tree roots. Definitely, keeps your mind on the job. Haha. Eventually, it reaches a very steep rocky hill where the bike was carried to the top. At the top, the track runs a short distance to Patonga Drive.

On Patonga Drive , it was a low steep uphill ride to the right. Watch out for the cars or rather hopefully they are watching out for you (speed limit 80 k/h).

At the top of the incline, I turned right onto the dirt parking area for the start of the Van Dahl Trail and followed the trail until I came to the turn on the left. This was the Waratah Patch Trail. There are deep sections of soft sand on this trail. I followed the trail until reaching a wide tessellation platform. I played on this and then turned onto Patonga Drive to the right for a steep and fast downhill road ride

On the left, I turned onto a dirt road which was the Pearl Beach Patonga Trail. This as an easy graded road that lead more steeply downhill as I progressed. I continued and turned right onto the Doyle track that lead to the most awesome stunning views over the Hawkesbury River, Broken Bay and the surrounding areas. A great near end to a great ride.

I backtracked and turned left onto the Pearl Beach Patonga Trail. I peddled uphill and turned right onto the Pearl Beach Patonga Escape Trail and followed it till reaching Warrah Trig Road. I turned right at continued until returning to my van.

A fun ride with so much variety in tracks. there are other tracks to add to the ride and of course changing the direction of the ride would make for variation as well.

The add on to a happy ending was a swim at Pearl Beach.

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