Saturday, October 28, 2017


Today, I drove early to Olney State Forest for a hike on the The Pines Track.

It was a bit of a drive - along the main highway, a series of country roads then dirt roads to The Pines Camping Area.

The camping area was huge and a possible camp site for longer hikes.

The track was suppose to be signposted but most of the signs had been removed by vandals. Still, a general map and the major feature of a creek made it relatively easy not to get lost. Well, a couple of times, the tracks ended but I knew that if I kept in my general direction I would come across an intersection of a track. One problem here was the amount of tracks in the area. As it was, I was fine and I enjoyed the bush bashing.

The track meandered through some very pretty areas. In my opinion the best was at the start. The creek lightly cascaded over a few rock drops with moist vegetation growing at the base. The creek flowed over a rock base which was relatively free of vegetation. The trees were tell and shaded most of the direct sunlight. It was very rainforest looking and generally, the fallen trees and rocks were covered in moss.

The rest of the hike varied from roads to tracks to dense vegetation to wide cleared areas.

It was an adventurous hike that took me in a number of directions. I was surprised that at the end, I had only covered 2 km.

Back home and I had an ocean swim at Terrigal Haven.

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