Friday, October 27, 2017


I parked at Girrakool Picnic Area for the start of a hike - the Piles Creek Loop.

The morning was cool and a light misty shroud waif through the vegetation. I love a mist as it tends to give the scene a surreal look.

I began by following the Girrakool Loop. There were heaps of wildflowers right from the start and it was a short distance to the first stop - a pocket of rainforest with a semi circular waterfall. the waterfall was flowing over the rock lip and cascading down onto the rocks and shallow pool. The cliff drop was pocketed with moist ferns and bushes. A very quiet and pretty place. The motorway was only 500 metres away. very hard to believe.

I continued following the Girrakool Loop until it intersected with the Piles Creek Loop track. I followed the track passing pockets of rainforest, high overhanging cliffs, rock faces dripping with water, moss covered rocks and logs, tall trees and some small open areas. The track itself wound over rock, drenched soil, stone steps, narrow paths and steep descents until it reached the suspension bridge over Piles Creek.

Along the way, a skink appeared from under a rock about a metre in front of me to bask in the sun's warmth.

I crossed the suspension bridge enjoying it's up and down movement with each step I took.

The track now veered back towards Girrakool though there are other options to take.

I passed more pockets of rainforest and more open vegetation. It was drier on this side of the valley. The track ended just after another waterfall which plunged more dramatically into Piles Creek.

A fun 4km hike with such a variety of nature to admire.

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  1. A great walk - looks like there was a bit more water when you were there, compared to this week!



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