Thursday, November 3, 2016


A beautiful sunny morning.

First stop Wamberal Beach for a surf and sunrise check. The sunrise was great but the surf was very random.

The next stop was Pelican Beach. Such a pretty place but alas, not the best waves.

Surfing was now off my mind so I decided on a kayak at North Entrance on Tuggerah Lake.

The wind was beginning to increase but the channel was calm and protected due to the island. I had a nice serene kayak with very clear water along the island edge. I continued and circumnavigated the two smaller islands. On one of the islands, I walked around it. Not much there but it was nice to be on my own private island.

I continued on and circumnavigated another island. This is a popular place for birds to congregate when it's windy. I wasn't disappointed. there were lots of pelicans, cormorants, gulls and some white faced herons.

I finished with a chat with a rower who designed and made a lot of his rigging. He had some interesting engineering tales from around the world.

A fun 2.62 km kayak.

Later, I had a small surf with a few okay waves at Wamberal Beach when the tide was lower. I chatted with a young traveller from Barcelona. She had been travelling a while and still had more to do. She had some funny stories on trying to be understood when she arrived in Australia - stine words such as uni, reckon, etc.

My daughter (an architectural student) received a financial award for her group project with the RTA. Congrats.

What a great day.

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