Monday, November 7, 2016


The last few days, I had a few surfs at Wamberal Beach. The waves were okay and water was warm.

We also had a few visitors at home.

Our first visitors was a pair of Galahs. They are a common bird but this was the first time that they have ever landed on our deck.

The second visitor was a Yellow Faced Whip Snake. This was in the front flower garden/rockery. It was a mildly venomous snake of about 1/2 metre length.

Today, the surf didn't look the best so I went to Brisbane Water National Park for a bike ride along the Moonie Track.

I parked at the beginning of the track and was greeted by silence and the sounds of bellbirds - all very nice.

I followed the track to Mooney Mooney Creek. It was so pretty with the old bridge and the mist drifting over the water and the bush scenery and sky reflected in the still waters.

I rode along the trail skirting the edge of Mooney Mooney Creek and took a short diversion to the right that lead to the junction of Mooney Mooney  and Piles Creek. This is a pretty spot with a room to set up tent. A few fishermen use to this spot and have set up places to cast their lines.

I back tracked and continues along the Mooney Track but this time skirting the edge of Piles Creek.

This is a great track with lots of terrain changes and obstacles. There were rock gardens, narrow sections passing close to boulders and overhanging trees, soft edges with a bit of a drop off and intermittent rocks jutting out here and there. All good fun. there was also a raised pathway over a wetland area.

The ride finished at Suspension bridge over Piles Creek. I walked around here, crossing the bridge and walking around the rocks on the creeks edge.

A fun ride.

I had time so I drove down to Terrigal Beach and had a short refreshing swim.

A great start to the day.

Later, my daughters and I went down to Terrigal Haven. They wanted some sunning. I had a swim and a snorkel around the rocks near the Terrigal rockpool.

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