Saturday, November 12, 2016


Yesterday, I had another fun surf at Wamberal Beach.

Today, I checked the surf but the tide was too high. So, I went for a kayak at Cockle Bay in Brisbane Water.

It was a nice kayak along the Cockle channel, then into Kincumber Broadwater then across and through the narrow opening of Cockle Bay.

When I reached the Cockle Bay, I noticed that the kayak had taken in a lot of water. I finally found a place to beach thee kayak and drain the water out. I then discovered a 1/2 centimetre hole in the rear and base of my kayak.

Well, that was not acceptable so I broke off a mangrove root and turned and twisted it until it filled in the hole. Some more water managed to leak through but it was only minor.

On leaving Cockle Bay, there were two white-bellied sea eagles roosting on an overhanging dead tree. Such a pretty sight.

Back home and Kara wanted to go to the beach. Off we went and I had a snorkel out along the rocks of Terrigal Haven.

The visibility was okay but there wasn't much to see.

I got very excited when I saw a large lobster but on closer inspection it was dead along with a few others nearby.

We had a chat to some people who were cleaning out their car and then put their rubbish into the bushes. There are a lot of bins close by and it was so unnecessary. They acted dumb when we approached them but they retrieved the rubbish from the bushes. I hope they don't do it again.

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