Tuesday, November 15, 2016


My day started with a drive down to Wamberal beach to check the surf.

The sun had just risen in there was a beautiful contrast of colours between the cloudy back lit sky, the grey smooth ocean and the sandy beach.

I decided on a kayak at Terrigal Lagoon.

The lagoon water was like glass with many reflections. It was a nice paddle until my butt started to feel wet... water was leaking into the kayak at an alarming rate via the hole that I thought I had fixed.
I pulled to kayak to shore and emptied out the water and plugged the hole with mangrove roots. It was enough to finish the kayak at a pleasant pace.

I paddled through two tributaries. The first became narrow very quickly and the second had been blocked by a cut down tree. Very annoying for two reasons... 1 It is a reserve and the flora and fauna are protected 2 blocking access is not very nice, especially, if the area is publically owned. Anyway, I removed part of the tree so access was possible.

A pleasant 1.64 km kayak.

Afterwards, I went down to Terrigal Beach for coffee and a stare at the ocean.

Later in the day, I had a bike ride on Kincumba Mountain. The weather was reasonable cool due to the cloud cover so it end up being a fun 4.89 km ride along a number of tracks.

After that I was hot and sweaty so I went down to Terrigal Haven and had a swim out to and around the buoys. A refreshing dip.

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