Sunday, November 6, 2016


A beautiful sunny morning with fog over the mountains.

I drove to Brisbane Water National Park for a bike and hike to Mount Wondabyne.

The mist was lifting but still giving a magical aurora to the setting - putting a light haze over the distant part of the track, intertwining and weaving between the trees and bushes filtering the light from the sun.

I stopped a few times to look at the wildflowers by the side of the track and listen to the birds.

Eventually, I reached the turn off track for Mount Wondabyne. I hid my bike in the vegetation and started the climb to the top. It was such a fun rock scramble. I climb up the rocks and then followed a relatively level but meandering track and then repeated this process a few times. On each level the view over the hinterland increased showing more and more untouched greenery.

I reached the top, which is the highest point on the Central Coast and enjoyed sweeping views across the ranges and back towards the coast and the pockets of urban areas of the Gosford area.

There was also a lizard lazing in the sun just below the rock of the summit. I watched it for awhile. At first, it was apprehensive of me but after a time, it ignored me and basked in the warm of the sun.

It was a great 8km hike and bike.

Later, I went for a snorkel at Terrigal Haven. The visibility wasn't the best but at the end in the shallower water, I came upon a large stingray very up close and personal. Amazing graceful creatures.

Another great day.

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