Friday, November 25, 2016


One of my favourite rides today at Bouddi NP.

I was intending to follow a number of tracks in a loop fashion.

I reached the turkey trail cycling along the road from Maitland Bay carpark. I was feeling confident so I was cycling at a fast pace. the first section of the trail is the best part with a winding trail through the bushed then a number of turns with steepening drops over tree roots and rocks. I was trying to follow smoothing and was gaining more speed but towards the end of this section the bike stopped and over the handlebars I went. I rolled along the ground and my injury was only a scape on my leg. the bike was okay too. Now falling like that isn't good but considering the terrain I was lucky that I landed on dirt and not rocks or tree roots.

I continued along the track and then joined on the NW ridge track which was so much fun. A low section of track meandering through the bush and then along the edge of the escarpment to pop out eventually on the trail and on towards the Aboriginal carvings.

I was going to go further but my leg was feeling a little sore so I doubled back to finish my ride.

An eventful 4.96 km ride.

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