Saturday, March 28, 2015


I started off at Pearl Beach. It's such a pretty beach with calm water and a rock pool.

I cycled along the road running parallel with the beach then joined onto a track that followed the base of Mount Ettalong. It was a narrow track that clawed, at times, to the cliff  and the drop to the rocks/beach below. It was worn away in parts which made it difficult to traverse. There were great views down the coast and north towards Box Head. At Umina Point there was a small wave breaking.

The end of the path slowly ascended to Mount Ettalong Road. I followed the road a short distance and turned into Berrima Crescent. From here, I followed a sandy track to Umina Beach.

I rode/played around the southern corner of the beach and watched the sunrise.

The tide was low and the sand was compacted enough to ride on. It was great fun riding along the beach, skirting the edge of the waves, passing people and playing with different camera shots.

At the end of the beach, I crossed over a number of small rock groins and onto Ettalong Beach. Once again the sand was firm enough to ride on.

At the end of the Ettalong Beach was a public wharf. I rode around on the wharf, then followed the bike path back towards Umina Beach.

I rode some more on the beach, then turned back onto the foreshore at the Umina Surf Club. Just down from the club was a skate and bike riding park. I had a fun time in both. The skate park was a bit unnerving so there's a challenge to return.

I rode back along the beach and then around the cliff base to Pearl Beach. At Pearl beach, I took a small track that lead to the wetland area. It was very pretty and teeming with birds.

I loaded my gear in the van and ordered a coffee at the nearby café and sat on the beach to relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun.
distance - 13.82 km
elevation range - 41 m

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