Monday, March 16, 2015


distance 8.51 km
elevation range - 89 m

I started at car park at the corner of Wards Hill and Maitland Road.

I started on the trail to Strom's lookout. It was pretty easy. The last part was a short track through the bush then an excellent view over Brisbane Water.

Back tracking to the car park I turned off a narrow little track that joined onto Rocky Point trail. It was fun and zigzagging.

The track along Rocky Point was okay and wide. I took a turn to the left that lead to a high outcrop of rocks above the Rocky Point trail. It was a good view and the top of the trees was at my height.

Further along there were three more turn offs. The first went to Daley Point north. It was rough and fun in parts and ended above a water tank.

The second track lead to Aboriginal engraving area and a long escarpment with views over Brisbane Water. The tracks were through low dense bush that were cleared on the large sandstone rocks. There were a few tracks joining the larger rocks together. The carvings were very hard to see but I always get a funny feeling when I go to these sites. It is a mixed of amazement that people had been in this spot for tens of thousands of years, a sense of loss that they were no longer here and should be and a sense of respect like I am in a place of importance like a church or mosque. Mainly, I feel like I am intruding in a mixed sense.

The third turn off was the Fishermans Trail which lead steeply downhill for a fair distant to the housing at the base of the escarpment. From here, I followed the street to a track to Rileys Bay but there was no track so I had to back track. I walked most of the way to the top as it was very steep.

I returned to the car park hot and sweaty and feeling good. I drove to Terrigal Haven and had a swim. Nice!

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