Sunday, March 8, 2015


I did this kayak a long while ago but it was so much better this time.

The kayak was about 3 hours with photo stops and a rest/walk at the end of the creek. The distance was 8.75 kilometres.

Patonga is a very pretty town with the beach surrounding the whole area. There are lots places to launch.

I started opposite the mangroves and tried for a paddle amongst the tree but the water was too shallow. I continued on past oyster leases and the occasional bird. The big highlight here was the sea eagles. One of them circled and then swooped down into the water for a fish but it came up empty clawed. Still, it was so nice  watching it in flight.

The creek remained wide and slightly monotonous for a while until I reached a section where the creek narrowed considerably. Last time, I was here I couldn't past this point as the water was too shallow and there was a long stretch of sand/mud. This time was different.

The paddle was a lot more exciting with the banks of the creek changing from mud, to mangroves, to grasses, to rocks, to rain forest. The waterway became shallower and narrower as I progressed and the  water changed from muddy to clear with a bottom of white sand. Finally, I could go no further so I beached the kayak and walked around. It was still and quiet and the vegetation thick and lush.

On the way back, I tried to paddle through the mangroves again. The water was heaps deeper and it was so much fun zigzagging around the trees, the overhanging branches and spider webs.

A great but long kayak.

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