Sunday, March 15, 2015


I rode along the service road through Bouddi National Park to Tallow Beach along Hawkes Head Drive. It isn't the best road to drive a camper van over.

The journey really started with a very early morning view over Tallow Beach and surrounding hinterland standing on a jutting slab of sandstone. I continued from there and had a fast, steep and wavy-like ride down the hill to the beach. It was cool ride ending in a sandy track to the beach.

I chained up the bike and wandered to the northern end of Tallow Beach. Here, there were cliffs, multi-coloured sandstone and a small waterway that was ending by leeching into the sand. It was nice looking back along the beach and seeing that the only footprints in the sand were mine.

The backdrop of cliffs which sat in a bowl like fashion covered with low vegetation and the crops of exposed rocks was very petty. A few years back it was very exposed after a major bushfire. The remains of  small dead trees being the only legacy of the event.

I walked along the beach to the southern end. The cliffs were easy and fun to climb. Each level gave access to a new view back over the beach and surrounding coastline. After a short climb, I reached the level of cliff verses vegetation. There was a track running along the cliff edge which I followed to Little Tallow Beach. The views along this track along the coast north and south were varying and pretty.

Shortly, I reached Little Tallow Beach. There was a great view of the beach and a small waterway that dribbled down the sandstone and into the sand. The waterway was amazing. It was filled with yabbies!

I walked on to the south side of Little Tallow Beach then returned via the bush track to my bike.

The ride up hill was way to steep for me so I enjoyed a steep sweaty hike up the hill pushing my bike.

It was a great cycle and hike. So pretty with a few surprises!

distance - 7.24 kilometres
elevation range - 108 metres

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