Sunday, May 4, 2014


Part of my birthday surprise present was a  jetpack and flyboard session at Mount Penang, Central Coast.

The day was windy and cold but it was sunny.

I watched two guys on the jetpack and then it was my turn. I must admit I was somewhat concerned. Well, mainly 'can I do it?' but hell it looked like fun. And it was fun being dunked like a tea bag. It was an awesome feeling rising above the water. And the height seemed high to me. One moment you were in control then the next... the dunk. Loved it!

I watched the guys on the flyboard next. One guy was very high and plummeted with a vengeance into the water and came up with a bloody nose. I was losing a lot of body heat waiting. Finally, I was strapped in and out and into the weeds, then across the shallow water through the mud then I was fine. This one, was best of all. The dunking was harder and faster, the balancing more testing but still it felt manageable.

Twice, I did a jet-propelled backflip under the water when I was dunked backwards and once forward and spat out. The last one was on the video.

It was such a fun activity but I am a little muscle sore today but no injuries.

Google 'adrenaline' for this activitiy and heaps of other ideas.

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