Wednesday, April 23, 2014


We drove to Mooney Mooney Creek car park near Peat Island. There were a lot of cars parked there. The car park had a lot of huge pot holes and there was a sign saying there were going to be parking charges soon.

After checking out the tides and a launching spot, we launched. The water was a little turbulent around the bridge area. Going under the bridge, we had driven across many times was cool.

After the bridge, there was a strong current until we reached shallower water out of the boat channel.

We paddled to Spectacle Island and along the mangrove area. Eventually, the mangroves decreased as we reached the island proper. We came ashore on a sandy area and walked around a bit. The island looked very steep and would harbor heaps of snakes so we stuck to the little beach.

We continued around the island. There were - small beaches, oyster farms, flat tidal rocks and an inlet into the mangroves. At the end of the inlet, there were four abandoned boats in various stages of rot.

We paddled back and used the boating channel to drift back to the bridge. the current there was pulling us along at about 3km/h.

A good kayak. I usually don't like more open water kayaks but the island shoreline diversity, bridges and currents made it an interesting paddle.

distance - 4.72km
time - 2h 7m

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