Friday, May 16, 2014

AUSTRALIA - WYEE BAY - NO NAME CREEK - KAYAK - 16 MAY 2014- 'serene, silent, untouched'

distance 4.95km
time - 1:30

A beautiful sunny warm morning.

I drove to Wyee and launched from the end of Government Road on Wyee Bay.

The bay was a nice paddle with some along part of the bay and then it was mangroves. The creek was shallow but after a bit of a search I found the channel. At low tide this paddle might not exist!

I took the first waterway of the right. It was narrow and rubbish free. Very pretty. I doubled back to the main channel which had four smaller waterways feeding into it. All of the waterways were fairly pristine and free of rubbish. There was one small waterway that smelled of petrol. The end of it was dumped with large grave.

There was a number of birds about foraging in the mangroves or lazing on the water. A pretty sight!

This was one of the cleanest waterways I have paddled around.

Oddly, I couldn't find the name of this waterway. I'll add later if I find out.

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