Wednesday, May 21, 2014

CENTRAL COAST - BRISBANE WATER NP - PINDAR CAVE - HIKE - 20 may 2014 - 'a rocky, sandy undulating hike'

I caught a train from Gosford to Wondabyne station. When boarding the train you need to sit in the rear carriage , inform the guard to stop at Wondabyne and exit by the very rear door.

The station is small and quaint. There is a small wharf on Mullet Creek.

The hike starts up steep steps. After awhile, you reached a service road. I followed the service road until I reached a  campsite on the left which had another service road at the western end. I followed the service road a short distance and then it converted into a track that continued to the pool and cave.

The walk was pleasant along a narrow track with dense vegetation. Along the way, there were song birds, rocky outcrops, tessellating sandstone, some rock scrambles and false tracks. The false tracks ended after a short distance. Some lead to views but most to nowhere.

Eventually, I reached a lookout with views of the distant Mooney Mooney Creek.

Next, was the pool and it was half full. Not very tempting for a swim, as it wasn't that hot.

Not far after the pool was Pindar Cave. It is really a massive and impressive overhang. There is plenty of  space and headroom under the overhang. A nice place to sit, watch and listen to the birds via a rock framed vista.

The walk back was heaps faster though I did take one more false trail where the track seemed to veer left at a rock outcrop. The actual way is straight up the rock outcrop until the track starts again.

At Wondabyne Station, you must hail the train to get it to stop.

A fun, long hike!

distance - 11.9 km
time - 4:15
elevation range - 190 m


  1. what kind of camera do you use ?

  2. cannon eos 1200d, sonyhdrpj240 handycam and canon powershot D-20



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