Monday, May 12, 2014

AUSTRALIA - AWABA STATE FOREST - MTB - 12 may 2014 - 'bumps, burning and buggered'

Simon and I went for a ride around Awaba mid morning.

The weather was sunny and warm. The track was damp and fun.

Simon had his first ride in two years after a bad bike accident and heaps of surgery. Still, he ripped and gave me plenty of technical advice that improved my riding.

By the end, I'd 'hit the wall' but it was so much fun and I felt very challenged trying to keep up with Simon. Most of the time he was waiting for me up ahead.

distance -9.44 km
time - 1h 25mins
av. speed - 6.7 km/h
max speed - 24.1 km/h
elevation range - 69m

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