Monday, July 9, 2012

MALDIVES - hudhuranfushi resort - 2012


Off to the Maldives.

There was a group of eight of us going to the Maldives at Hudhuranfushi Resort for 10 days for surfing. There were me, Michael, Jeckle, Dave, Rick, Glenn, Guy and John.

We caught a limousine from Terrigal to Sydney airport. Checked in and boarded the plane to Singapore. About 7 hours later we were in Singapore. We waited around the airport for a couple of hours for our connecting flight to Male in the Maldives. We boarded the near empty plane and 4 hours later we were in Male. From there, we walked to the boat and zoomed along on a clear moonlit night over the calm waters to Hudhuranfushi Resort. Once there we checked in and were escorted to our rooms.
The rooms were nice and big. There was an outdoor bathroom. Our room was at the end of the island and the next day we were transferred to a room closer to the main pier.

The island is small. It is surrounded by coral and there is a break wall that protects the only sea entrance to the resort. The island is nearly totally manicured from grass to trees to sand. A beach extends around two thirds of the island and just back from the beach are the rooms for guests.

There is a number of restaurants and they allot a table to you/group. The waiter we had, Nasser, was very funny and kept us entertained at meal time.
There was some nightlife – karaoke, disco, Maldivian dancers and a guy a chick and a keyboard. Generally, it was very quiet and boring at night but we made the best of it and had a great time. I sang at the karaoke and we danced at the disco. Rick and Dave even danced with the Maldivian dancers. Very funny!

We were there mainly for surfing. The island had a break called Lohis which we surfed sometimes.

A boat took you out to the other breaks which were about ½ hour away. The boat trips were fun and scenic, though they gave me motion sickness.

The other breaks were left and right handers – cokes, chickens, honkys and sultans. There were other breaks but they weren’t working as well. We had very good waves every day except for the last day which was small and messy.

The snorkelling was also very good. I had good snorkels just of the resort beach – even videoed a large black tipped reef shark.


I also had a snorkel at one of the surf breaks called Sultans.

John and I caught a boat out to Magu Reef which had great coral and fish. I was lucky to see a sea turtle.

The trip back home was long and tiring.
It was a great trip. We had a few angry outbursts and dummy spits (not to mention in this blog) but mainly it was fun.

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