Monday, July 9, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Terrigal Lagoon - kayak - 7 june 2012

There had been a number of very rainy days and finally the sun was out. terrigal Lagoon was full to the brim as the ocean channel hadn't been opened yet.

Time to grab the kayak!

I launched near the bridge and followed the northern end of the lagoon. At the western end of the lagoon are two creeks that feed the lagoon. I followed one but it wasn't well defined due to the flooding. Usually, there is dry land on either side of the crek but the centre portion between the two creeks was covered with water.

I paddled the kayak through the centre where it is usually dry land. It was heaps of fun kayak busting through the folliage. quite a few small critters fell on the kayak. I eventually made it to the other creek and followed it as far west as i could go then doubled back to the main part of the lagoon.

On the return, i followed th southern shore. A sea eagle flew across and landed in the tree canopy above me. very nice sight.

Great kayak!

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