Sunday, July 15, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Ironbark Creek - kayak - 17 july 2012

Sunny morning. Off for a kayak!

I loaded up the car and drove to Mangrove Creek.

The creek was shrouded with a light mist over its surface. It was very pretty but it was also very cold. I quickly unloaded and launched the kayak. I paddled quickly to warm up. Alas, it was to remain cold until the sun tipped over the hills.

Ironbark Creek was narrow and meandered under a bridge and through some farming areas. Not long after the bridge I was stopped by a log across the water. Couldn't go  through, over, under or around it so the only direction was the return.


Under the bridge it was very still and the concrete bearers of the bridge were reflected in the water so that it looked like the base of the creek was concreted.

Mist shrouded water.

Nice kayak!

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