Saturday, July 21, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Brisbane Water NP - Box Head - MTB/HIKE - 19 july 2012

I had an old friend visiting for a few days so off we went for a cycle and walk at Box Head.

We tried driving along the dirt road but it was driving on mogals. In fear of another bog video, we returned to the beginning of the road, unloaded the bikes and peddled.

There were a few nice views along the way over Tallow Beach.

We wiggled around the gate and cycled as far as we could along the Box Head track. Then we chained the bikes and walked.

It was an interesting walk with a variety of flowers and gnarled trees. The walk surfaced was over sandstone and sand. Every so often, there was a view over the ocean coastline or towards Umina.

Eventually, the track came to an end at the tip of the cliff at Box Head. Great views over Pittwater and Broken Bay.

A little after this, I put my daypack down to have a rest but the pack was undone. Out fell my helmet and jumper and over the cliff edge they rolled. They lodged themselves about a third of the way down the cliff. Gone but not forgotten.

We returned the same way.

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