Monday, July 9, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Terrigal En Plein Air Painting - 2 june 2012

My friend Paul Haggith asked me to video the Terrigal In Plein Air on Sunday at the 5 Lands Walk.

Terrigal in plein air

What happens is that the artists (20) choose a place to base themselves and a scene/s to paint as their style and interest agrees. They spend half the time painting and the other half answering questions from the general public.
I must have done a reasonable job last year as Paul asked me again. I happily agreed as last year was my first attempt at this type of production and there were a few things I wanted to improve upon. I lost a lot of voices due to camera movement and the strong wind during the interview scenes. This year I lost some voices due to wind gusts.
I wandered from the lagoon at Terrigal and along the beach front and over and around the skillion.
The artists had picked some nice locations and it was a real pleasure watching them work and talking with them. The styles were all different. Some chose not to do the sea and some painted with straight edges. Very exciting!
I only missed one artist… sorry Geoff Neil.
At the end of the day, we all met at the Lord Ashley Bar for the presentation of the artists’ award for the best painting of the day. Kasey Sealy was the winner!
A fun, great day!
Andy collis

Chris vanderwyk

David baker

Eddie botha

Graeme balchin

Greg jarmaine

Greg somers

Janet cobb

Kasey sealy

Kyra Henley

Margaret fortey

Patrick carrol

Paul Haggith

Peter lankas

Russell Austin

Simon sawell

Steven fisher

Wendy bills

Yianni johns

Artist choice award presentation

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