Monday, July 9, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - BRISBANE WATER - Caroline Bay - kayak - 19 june 2012

I'd planned this kayak ages ago but thought that it didn't seem very exciting. Well, I was wrong on that one!

I launched from the boat ramp just down from the punt bridge where there is limited parking.

Glassy! Quiet! And under the punt bridge and into the open waters of Caroline Bay. I followed the shoreline on the west side skirting in, around and through the mangroves.

At the eastern end of the bay, there were a stack of birds - pelicans, black swans, commorants - wading along in an area protected from the wind.

Paddling further along, I came to a small creek and followed it for ages. At times, the creek was very narrowed and  semi-blocked by vegetation but it just kept going on. Eventually, I reached  three large drains that went under a road. It was a real buzz to paddle the kayak through the narrow drains - just fitted. The creek came to an end shortly after the drains.

On the way back the wind had increased and the water acros the bay was a little choppy.

Under the punt bridge and protected from the wind were quite a few birds - ibises and a  pelican -foraging and preening near the shore.

Just about finished when a sea eagle swoops down and circles the area. Cool way to end!

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