Monday, July 9, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Brisbane Water NP - Mount Wondabyne - HIKE/MTB - 9 june 2012

Another great day!

Loaded up the car with bike rack, bike, etc, etc and off the Brisbane Waters National Park for cycle and walk to Mount Wondabyne.

The new bike flew along and peddled fairly easily up the steep trail sections. After a while and some muddy sections, reached the walking track for the mountain. I chained the bike to a tree and off I went.

The track was easy with a small section of rock climbing before reaching the summit which followed a fairly level track until reaching the trig marker.

The view was 180 degrees of the central coast wilderness and the pockets of human habitation towards the east. I sat in the sun on top of the central coast world for 1/2 soaking in the solitude and the views. Excellent!

The trip back was quick, as it was mainly downhill.

A great walk with excellent views!

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