Tuesday, June 26, 2012

INDONESIA - bali - legian - 2012


From Sumbawa we caught a car, a plane then another car to Legian. The trip went smoothly.

We checked into the Kumala Pantai Hotel. We were staying for one night and I stayed for two nights.

We spent our time, shopping, wandering along the beach and eating. The weather was great and there were no problems, incidences or anything except relaxing.

On the second night the family flew back to Australia and were picked up by limousine for the journey home.

The night after the family left I drove by car to Balian. Balian is on the west coast of Bali. The journey took about two hours.

I got a room at Ayu’s for 100 000 rupiah with breakfast. The room was on the second floor with a view over the surf. Inside there was a shower area and a large bed and fan. The room was simple but okay.

I spent most of my time surfing and wandering around.

I met some nice younger people from Sweden, Italy and New Zealand. We had a few beers, meals and wandered around the area.

Generally, it was quiet and easy going.

I stayed a week then drove back to Legian.


I drove back to Legian to stay for two nights before flying back to Australia.

I spent my time quietly eating, relaxing and wandering.
I went to Tanah Lot in the afternoon.  I hadn’t been in 30 years. It has changed a lot but it is still pretty. I had a blessing and wandered around. The restaurants were very touristy so I had a cocktail and drove back to Legian.

One last stop at the bintang supremarket and the action heated up. When i was leaving a guy said to me 'taxi?'  'Do you use a meter?' ' no 20 000 rupiah' ' no thanks' 'well you can get fXXXXd' why are you speaking like that?' 'there are no police around so you can't do anything about it'.  My my someone was in a bad mood or was it his true thoughts on tourists surfacing.

i cross the road and get a taxi to the hotel. he didn't have change of 50 000 rupiah. 'hold on and i'll get change in the hotel' 'give me my money you fXXkin cXXt tourist' he gets out of the cab and rants and raves and other indos in the street. i ignore him get the change and give it to him. 'thank you' he says. (not an unusual scam to try and coerce you in to giving them the whole 50 000  rupiah)

Well that was about the last drama. I had a good laugh and went on my merry way back to Australia
No dramas getting to the airport or boarding the plane. Back to the land down under.

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