Sunday, November 15, 2009

AUSTRALIA - Hawks Nest - Yacaaba Heads base - HIKE - January 2009

Walk along Hawkes Nest Beach to the southern end to reach Yacaaba Heads.

The walk starts off easy with a track leading over the rocky base of the headland. A few small beaches are passed along the way until the path ends and the rocks become huge and cliff edge of the headland dominates.

Now the walk becomes a scramble and climb over and under rocks and edging along the cliff edge. At times, the only way to pass is high and at others it is close to the water line. There were also parts where you had to hang upside down to lower yourself to the level below. Hard but fun.

Eventually, the way becomes impassable either high or low without becoming dangerous due to deep crevasses in the sheer cliff face.

Time: 3 hours

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