Saturday, November 14, 2009

CENTRAL COAST - Iron Ladder Beach - kayak - 12 november 2009

All my kayaking so far has been on still water. This was the first with swell movement.

Leaving Ettalong, all was well until the currents in the centre of the river caused fast flowing, very choppy water. No problems though. I paddled to Lobster Beach and used the outgoing tide to get out to Iron Ladder Beach.

The beach at Iron Ladder was exellent for a swim with a sandy bottom. The view across Broken Bay gave a feeling of isolation. I walked around and found the track which leads to the beach. So far, I haven't been able to find the other end.

There were plenty of birds and a pod of dolphins cruised out of Brisbane Waters while I was resting at Lobster Beach.

Time: 3 hours
Warnings: used the tides to help paddling, even so, it wasn't as hard paddling as I thought it would be when I was paddling against the tide.

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