Saturday, November 14, 2009

AUSTRALIA - Warrumbungles - Belougery and Split Rock Track - HIKE - september 2008

Belougery Split Rock – 2 hours

The track follows a gradual ascent until the turn off for Split Rock. The trail becomes steeper and steeper winding its way quickly to the top. An outcrop of rocks is reached and after a short distance a gate with warning signs and a series of 15 steps leads to the steep rock climb to the top of Split Rocks. The climb is indicated by yellow markers embedded into the rock. There are about three false spots where it appears that the top has been reached. The top which is covered in boulders and flowers is eventually reached. The view is excellent, taking in the camp area which seems a stones throw away, the western plains and rest of the Warrumbungle. Truly, the highlight of this walk, is sitting on this pinnacle, solitary, on the throne of the world with the sounds of insects and the wind while viewing the changing shadow of the world below as the sun rises higher over the eastern mountains. The return track was steep and rough, passing through a variety of different types of landscapes. At points, the track passed sheer rock walls, wind-hewned caves, shady areas of grass trees and open expanses of rocks.

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