Thursday, March 22, 2018


14 March 2018

A surf check at Wamberal was a no go.

I had coffee, an ocean swim and a walk at Terrigal Haven.

I drove down to Sydney for a hearing appointment for a hearing test and adjustments to my hearing aids. My hearing hadn't deteriorated but some adjustments were made to the aides. Working better than before.

Afterwards, I drove over to Central in the city centre and picked up Jacinta who as there for a work conference. We had dinner at a restaurant at Newtown, then a wander around the streets.

Back at the hotel, we went to a bar and had a few drinks.

15 March 2018

I woke early and drove back home from Sydney.

I brought a terminator 10 sit-on kayak. I took it down to Avoca Lagoon for a test run. I tried the seat and foot handles in different positions. I couldn't quite get it right. Back on shore, I was thinking about going to the store for advice when I met a guy (he just got out of the water with his kayak) who gave me great advice on adjustments. I took the kayak back out and was a lot happier.

16 March 2018

An ocean kayak at Patonga on the new kayak followed by a swim off the end of the Patonga pier.

17 March 2018

I had a kayak on Avoca Lagoon on the sit-in kayak and had a fun time capsizing it and trying to reenter it from shallow to deep water. No problems getting in but residue water in the kayak affected its balance. I will need some system to bail the excess water out.

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